Quiz Creation Tutorial

Implementation guide

Plyyr Quiz on Fox News


The purpose of this document is to outline the steps necessary to create and publish a news quiz using Plyyr.com and embed it in a site or application.

Intro: The Quiz

Create your own or embed existing quizzes. The quiz is an HTML5 social quiz that works across the web and mobile.

Plyyr Mobile Quizzes

Intro: Plyyr.com

Plyyr.com is the destination you will use to create, curate and manage quizzes and polls.

Fast Company Demo

1.   Set Up An Account

There are 2 easy ways to create an account.

Go to http://plyyr.com to create and account.

1)    Click on the “Create your own quiz” link and receive the Facebook login prompt.

Plyyr Create Account

2)    Create and account through the “Login” menu

** If you choose this method and use an Email we can associate your account with the Advanced CMS for more publishing control.

Plyyr Login Module

Figure 1: Click Sign me up!

PLyyr Sign Up

2.   Create Your Own Quiz


1) Add an OPTIONAL background Image

  • 1136 x 640 is OPTIONAL size for background image
  • Image will scale on upload

2)    Add title

3)    Enter OPTIONAL description

4)    Enter OPTIONAL “Read More” link that appears at end of quiz

3.   Add question(s)

Create a a question

1)    Add an OPTIONAL Image

  1. 1136 x 640 ideal image proportion. Will scale image on upload.

2)    Add at least two answers

  1. Click “Add Answer” button

3)    Select at one correct answer

4)    Add OPTIONAL “Answer Feedback” for comment after question is answered.

4.   Add more questions

Add Another Question
  • Click the yellow “Add Another Question” button as desired

5.   Add Tags

Add “Tags” to Categorize quiz.

Categories also affect the Rank of the Results Screen.

In the example below the Result “Officer of Music”, “Music” was a selected Category.


i heart Radio Awards Quiz

6. Save

Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save your progress.

7. Publish

When “Save” is successful the “Publish”, “Preview” and “Embed” buttons appear.

7. Publish When “Save” is successful the “Publish”, “Preview” and “Embed” buttons appear.

8. Preview

Click “Preview” to view quiz at anytime.


9. Embed


a) You can Embed by clicking on the “Embed Me” button at the bottom of the Create section.


b) You can Embed by clicking on any “Embed” button on the site.


10. Manage Your Quizzes

Manage Your Quizzes

a. Access Your Content

All of your quizzes are visible from your “Profile” menu under “Your Content”

b. Manage Your Content

View all the quizzes you have created in the “Your Content” section.

Manage Your Quizzes

11. Stats

Click the “Stats” button on each quiz in “Your Content” to view stats about your quizzes.

Quiz Stats Charts